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GTS - Special Building Materials


GTS Italy, since many years basically deals with special building materials for the civil construction industry together with Iar Srl - Rovigo Italy, specializing in the concrete repairs using advanced technologies.

In the area of civil construction industry GTS made its contribution by developing high quality synthetic fibers for concrete crack control and better reinforcement removing all the ill effects and de-merits of the traditional steel reinforcement method. Our efforts and researches in the special building materials also provided the customer the necessary satisfaction by cost saving and zero maintenance.

Now our business activities and services are also spread to middle eastern countries. Our technical division are always at your service to answer your queries related to the technical problems of concrete crack control, reinforcement, restructuring and concrete damage repairs. Please feel free to contact us through


GTS Fiber

Employing GTS Fiber in the secondary reinforcement with steel structures

Thanks to the innovative researches made in the technology of concrete to enhance the total quality of our new generation construction process. The concrete now become a really well advanced building material with the introduction of polypropylene fiber, The “GTS Fiber”.

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