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Actis Furio Srl

Actis Furio Srl has been operating for 40 years both on the national and international market in the field of metal plate perforation.

Actis Furio was established in the north of Milan just before the Second War World providing perforated stainless steel, nets and metallic wire cloths for metallurgical and mechanic industry. During the ensuring years we expanded our customers both in Italy and abroad

ActisFurio offers a full products line, ranging from the smallest holes up to the widest, therefore we are able to satisfy any need of our Customers. This catalogue would like to support those who are using drilled sheets, and we hope our end user will appreciate it. The indicated perforations are indicative. Our company can supply, on request, different perforations based on drawings or conditions indicated by the customer.

Actis catalogue offers a large section of items : Perforated Sheets, Embossed Sheets, Expanded Mesh , Metallic Nets and Wire Cloth.

Actis Furio Srl


Perforated Sheets - Expanded Mesh - Wire Cloth

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