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Siti ospiti

Il piccolo
Via Delio Tessa, 1 (Ang. Corso Garibaldi) 20121 Milano
Tel. 02- 866.838 - 02-874.819 - fax 02-720 22 889


Not just a Shop, but a Society specialized in the designing  and complete renovations of furnishings.

Class and international experience distinguish our way to operate.

In the middle of the work, the most important thing is the Client’s satisfaction and requirements.

Professionality and attention to anything concerning materials, decorations and space functional characters are  steadfast in our work method.

The care of the detail becomes central in order to obtain the exact desired atmospheres and unmistakable signature of all of our works.

We manufacture and install furniture and general supplies worldwide.

We represent and have business relations with the majority of the Industrial Design Companies, Italian and worldwide.

  • Direct Partners: IDD (International Design Diffusion)
  • Flexform (Flexform-Mood)
  • Tisettanta (Elam-Halifax-Mixel)

We represent: Palluco-Baleri Italia-Orizzonti-Icami-Falper and many more Companies.

“If it is worth doing something, it is worth doing something well”: this phrase describes in a concise way our philosophy.

Furniture Design and Restoration of an apartment of maximum 6 rooms at the cost of eur 700,00-, with reimbursement of the 50% further to order for furniture of, at least, two of the rooms.

***** “Furniture” specifications: lay-out functional distribution of the furniture without executive drawings

***** “Restoration” specifications: new arrangement of the internal spaces for adapting to new functional requirements, with indication of the constructions and new constructions.

Should you be interested or wish to call us, also for estimates “on line”, our numbers are:
ph. 02-866.838 or ph. 02-874.819 – fax no. 02-720.22.889

e-mail address:

Shop hours- Monday morning closed

Address: Via Delio Tessa, 1 (Ang. Corso Garibaldi) – 20121  Milan

Underground stations: MM Lanza - MM Largo La Foppa

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