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Italian language courses in Italy - Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo


Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo is an Italian language school located in Tuscany, in Pisa and in seaside city
Viareggio. Offers courses on Italian language for foreigners, semester and summer study abroad programs. Also features intensive courses, individual tutoring, and classes in cooking and art.

Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo organizes several kinds of language courses, all using the most advanced teaching methods combined with cultural seminars, reading newspapers and magazines and playing language games.


The  Italian language courses

Lessons take place from Monday to Friday and do not take place on public holidays of the Italian calendar.

On the first day of attendance, there is a test to determine the level of Italian. This enables to accurately place the students in a homogeneous group and to determine what standard the student might reasonably expect to attain in the allotted time. Thus we can tailor the academic content of the course to the individual's needs and current abilities. The student will then be invited to join either a group that is already formed or classes can be created especially to facilitate the progress of the individual student.
When formed, our classes are made up of students from different countries who have the same linguistic level of Italian. All the lessons are of 45 minutes in Viareggio (Holiday course) and of 55 in Pisa (General course).

The only language spoken in class is Italian.

We complete our description of Italian language courses with a brief list of
language courses.

- Holiday Italian course, for people interested especially in conversation;

- General italian course, course with guaranteed results (a CILS
level every 24 weeks);

- Grammar italian course : course for those who already know Italian, or work or live in Italy;

- Individual italian language courses: one teacher for one student;
- Intensive, Mini-intensive and Super-intensive italian language courses for those who want the maximum results;

- Cookery course, learning home made food in a typical italianfamily kitchen
- Courses of preparation for the admission exams for Italian universitites

Our school is also a qualified centre for preparation for the following exams:

- CILS certificate of the University for Foreigners, Siena
- Plida certificate of the Dante Alighieri Society

Istituto liguistico Mediterrraneo - Italian Language Schools and courses in Italy Italian Language SchoolsLearn italian in Pisa and Viareggio Italian Language Schools


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